Selection procedure

Selection criteria

Projects will be evaluated based on eligibility and scientific merit through independent peer review by a User Selection Panel.

Priority will be given to research teams who have not previously used the services, projects with potential to attract additional financial support, and research teams who are working in countries where the services sought are not readily available.

Scientific merit will be measured based on sections 1-4 of the proposal part B as outlined in section 3 of the guide for applicants. A maximum of five points will be attributed to each section. All user projects reaching an overall threshold of 14 out of 20 points are in principle eligible for PRISMAP funding and will be invited to hearings based on which the evaluation of all proposals of a user call will be finalised and proposals will be ranked and selected for funding.

Evaluation results will be made available within two months after the cut-off date of a call. The funded project needs to be started at the latest 18 months after selection for funding.

User Selection Panel

The User Selection Panel consists of six members of the PRISMAP consortium and six external international scientific experts in the research fields of relevance to PRISMAP.

Internal members

Thierry Stora

PRISMAP coordinator and PRISMAP programme leader

Radionuclide production schedule and overall logistical chain including transport and applications

Charlotte Duchemin

PRISMAP technical manager

Radionuclide production schedule and overall logistical chain including transport and applications

Ferid Haddad

PRISMAP access platform and help desk

Ulli Köster

PRISMAP production of medical radionuclides

David Viertl

PRISMAP medical application of radionuclides

Kirsten Leufgen

PRISMAP communication, legal and financial affairs

External members

Francesco Cicone

Nuclear medicine specialist with particular focus on radionuclide therapy and dosimetry and on amino acid PET imaging of brain tumours, PRISMAP ethics advisor.

Sandra Heskamp

Professor of Nuclear Imaging and Therapy in Immuno-oncology, preclinical.

Cornelia Hoehr

Life Sciences Department Head - R&D, Deputy Associate Laboratory Director - Life Sciences, Research interests in Targetry & Accelerator-Based Medical Isotope Development and in Nuclear Medicine.

Paul Lecoq

Head of physics division, European academy of sciences (EURASC), fellow of the IEEE association, founder of the European Center for Research in Medical Imaging, SME representative, extensive experience with H2020 projects.

Kristoff Muylle

Former president of EANM, large network in NM, Head of Nuclear Medicine Department at AZ Delta, Nuclear Medicine Physician at UZ Brussel.

Katherine Vallis

Professor of Experimental Radiotherapeutics, Group Leader at Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, Honorary Consultant in Clinical Oncology at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, radiopharm, new isotopes, therapy.