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If you want a radionuclide that is not in the current portfolio, please contact the helpdesk. Experts within the project will study if it can be produced and how. All along this process, we will keep you informed.
There is no limit fixed but we will always compare what is asked within the project description and the state of the art in the field. If unsure when writing your proposal, do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk for advice.
It is better if planned experiments are grouped in order to limit the number of deliveries: Each transport will generate lots of paperwork. Moreover, all transport costs are charged to the recipient. Feel free to also contact our helpdesk for advice.
It is better to define a project that can be completed within 18 months. For longer projects, several applications can be made sequentially. Feel free to also contact our helpdesk for advice.
Yes, it is possible to benefit from support for several projects even if new partnership will be favoured. If you are unsure of your eligibility, do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk for advice.
We publish a call for projects twice a year. For each call, we adjust the available service portfolio according to the technological and medical developments within PRISMAP and the availability of the facilities. The announcement of new calls will be systematically distributed via our User Forum – feel free to register to keep up to date with our developments!
This depends on the schedule of our facilities. We try to have multiple sources for most of the radionuclides we propose, but there will be some fine-tuning to adapt the delivery schedule to the constraints of both parties. This will be discussed with the PRISMAP technical manager.
Some radionuclides have a single facility that can provide them (e.g., mass separation is only available from the MEDICIS facility) while others may be produced at different facilities. For each radionuclide, the producing facilities are listed in the current portfolio. The PRISMAP technical manager coordinates between the different facilities to optimise the distribution while meeting the quality and quantity requested for the selected projects.
You may browse the different facilities on our website but feel free to also contact our helpdesk for advice.
Travel, subsistence, and local accommodation costs of users carrying out experiences in one of our medical facilities may be funded by PRISMAP based on daily allowances and country coefficients.
PRISMAP invites projects across all stages of the development of novel medical use of radionuclides, from conceptual design all the way to first-in-human trials. You may browse previous successful projects on our website for inspiration. Those include radiochemistry research, radionuclide generator designs, imaging technique developments, radiopharmaceutical research, in-vitro and in-vivo pre-clinical research, etc. If you are unsure whether your project fits within PRISMAP, do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk for advice.
Each of our deliveries will specify the radionuclidic purity of the radionuclides. Some of our facilities may also provide GMP-grade radionuclides. Should you require such grade, make sure to select this in the Part A of your application and motivate it in your Part B. You may explore our portfolio for information on which radionuclidic purity is available for the radionuclides we offer. Feel free also to contact our helpdesk for advice.
It should give a clear representation of the scientific question you wish to study. Details on the content can be found in the Guide for applicants.
PRISMAP aims at supporting innovative research at the lowest possible costs to the users. We have thus opted for an excellence-based programme, providing radionuclides that are not available commercially. As such, we do not sell radionuclides. However, we are happy to put you in touch with our partners if you have such interests. Feel free to contact our helpdesk for advice.
PRISMAP provides radionuclides for innovative research in the medical fields on an excellence basis at no production cost to the users. However, transport costs to the user’s facility are not covered within PRISMAP and will be charged to the users. Transport costs vary depending on the radionuclides, the activity, the origin, and the destination; as such, we cannot provide a generic transport cost and advise you to contact our helpdesk for specific information.