Application guidelines for call PRISMAP-2022-2

To get access to PRISMAP radionuclides and related services described in the Medical radionuclides section of this website, users are invited to submit project applications. Projects are selected by the PRISMAP User Selection Panel on an excellence base.

The project application consists of two parts:

  • Part A is completed through an application form. It includes the request for radionuclides and application services, a project overview and administrative information.
  • Part B contains a description of the proposed scientific user project, to be uploaded below as a PDF file. It will be submitted together with the application form.

The guide for applicants is available for download as a PDF file. It provides practical information on preparing and submitting a proposal for the PRISMAP User Calls.

No specific template is provided for Part B. Please follow the Guide for Applicants and adhere to the instructions, also regarding the number of pages, margins, font type and size, etc.

Our users are invited to submit applications online at any time via the PRISMAP online submission service. Applications are reviewed twice a year.

The cut-off date of the currently open call PRISMAP-2022-2 is 30 September 2022.

The cut-off date of the call PRISMAP-2022-1 was 31 March 2022. Hearings with all user projects passing the eligibility threshold took place in May 2022. By the end of May 2022, 9 user projects have been selected for funding.

In preparation of their proposal, we invite all applicants to get in contact with us via our helpdesk to discuss their user project idea.