Biomedical facilities

The PRISMAP biomedical facilities offer access for the selected users of PRISMAP who request to be hosted in key facilities equipped for preclinical and clinical studies and located within suitable transport range of the radionuclide production facilities. Below you will find an overview and detailed descriptions of the individual facilities. For further information, please contact the Helpdesk.

DTU, CHUV, SCK-CEN, NCBJ-POLATOM and TUM are the five biomedical research centres of the PRISMAP consortium, which aims to provide technical resources and expertise to users interested in the application of radionuclides for medical purposes.

The services offered by the PRISMAP research biomedical hubs cover all the stages for innovative radiopharmaceutical development including first in human studies: from the clinical need to the clinical translation, going through the identification of relevant molecular target and the development and preclinical evaluation of target nuclear probes.

Within PRISMAP the five biomedical research centers are fully equipped with radiopharmacy laboratories to provide services and technology for targeting agent and development and evaluation of chelators for the different radionuclides of interest, radiolabelling strategy and for conducting preclinical studies and transfer their results into relevant clinical applications.

In addition, CHUV, TUM and DTU are supported by a team of professionals that are highly experienced in the regulatory aspects of preforming clinical trials with radionuclides, as well as, in the organization and conduct of these studies.

The objective of the PRISMAP biomedical facilities is to host the selected users of PRISMAP in dedicated laboratories and to allow them to conduct their preclinical research with radionuclides supplied by the PRISMAP production facilities. The PRISMAP biomedical facilities also offer extensive technical help and expertise provided through the PRISMAP consortium. Considering the complex and lengthy process of radiopharmaceutical development, it is not the purpose of PRISMAP to provide a complete turnkey service but rather to offer facilities and support to help scientists pursue their research goals.

Furthermore, CHUV, TUM, DTU and NCBJ have facilities that are fully qualified and validated for the manufacture of GMP radiopharmaceuticals.

We expect the service portfolio to develop and grow over time, based on extensions of the existing facilities and inclusion of new, emerging facilities to meet the needs and requests of our growing community.