Medical Radionuclides

PRISMAP federates a consortium of the key European intense neutron sources, isotope mass separation facilities and high-power accelerators and cyclotrons, with leading biomedical research institutes and hospitals active in the translation of the new radionuclides into medical diagnosis and treatment, in support of the medical radionuclide user community.

It will create a single-entry point for a starting user community distributed amongst universities, research centres, industry and hospitals, and further receives support of leading associations and institutions in the field such as the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Our main goal is to provide a sustainable source of high purity grade new radionuclides for medicine, access to medical research laboratories able to handle these radionuclides; and thus enable and accelerate early phase research on radiopharmaceuticals, targeted drugs for cancer, theranostics and personalised medicine, shaping the European isotope landmark as a gold standard.

The transnational access programme and related costs covered from the PRISMAP budget are:

  • Selection of projects based on excellence by an international expert panel, the PRISMAP User Selection Panel (USP)
  • Production and delivery of radionuclides for the approved medical research projects, excluding shipping costs
  • Access to a selection of medical research laboratories, or selection of preclinical research techniques fully performed as a service to the approved medical research projects

Travel, subsistence and local accommodation costs are NOT covered under PRISMAP, only the production, distribution and services listed above.

Our access form and list of available radionuclides and services will be available soon.

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