How can you benefit from PRISMAP?

Radionuclide therapy and molecular imaging which are widely used at hospitals for new promising medical procedures, can drastically improve the outcome for many medical conditions, and enable treating disseminated cancer in particular. However, its effective development has long been limited by the difficult access to radionuclides not yet commercially available. In particular, national borders often hinder the free exchange of goods.

With PRISMAP, this will now change. PRISMAP is the European medical radionuclide programme for the production of high-purity radionuclides by mass separation. We federate a European consortium of the key intense neutron sources, isotope mass separation facilities and high-power accelerators and cyclotrons, with leading biomedical and healthcare research institutes in the active translation of the emerging radionuclides into medical diagnosis and treatment.

PRISMAP offers a single-entry point to researchers who are seeking innovative radionuclides of high purity grade for medical application. Our aim is to enable and accelerate early phase research on radiopharmaceuticals, targeted drugs for cancer, theranostics and personalised medicine.

We offer trans-national access to the following goods, facilities, and services:

  • Production and delivery of high-purity grade radionuclides for medical research
  • Access to a selection of medical research laboratories to perform the associated research
  • Selection of preclinical research techniques fully performed as a service

Our offer is detailed in the medical radionuclides section of this website where we describe:

To get access to PRISMAP radionuclides and related services, users are invited to submit project applications. Projects are selected by the PRISMAP User Selection Panel on an excellence base.

To promote cross-border access, only transnational access is granted. Delivery of radionuclides EXCLUDES packaging and shipping costs. Travel, subsistence, and local accommodation costs are NOT covered under PRISMAP.

The full application procedure is explained in our application guidelines.