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Nuclear therapy and molecular imaging are widely used at hospitals for new promising medical procedures. They can drastically improve the outcome for many medical conditions, and enables treating disseminated cancer in particular. However, its effective development has long been limited by the difficult access to radionuclides not yet commercially available. With PRISMAP, this is about to change.

In order to support the ongoing research across Europe and beyond, immediate access to novel radionuclides and to facilities where they can be readily used will be provided by PRISMAP – The European medical radionuclides programme.

A network of world-leading European facilities, including nuclear reactors, medium- and high-energy accelerators, and radiochemical laboratories, has been established to offer the broadest catalogue of radionuclides for medical research. Development towards the upscaling of the production of these novel radionuclides will be investigated, in the form of novel production technology, new purification methods, and proof-of-concept investigations showing the development of new treatments from test bench to patient care.

Check out our service portfolio: We offer access to the production and delivery of high-purity grade radionuclides for medical research, to a selection of biomedical research laboratories to perform the associated research and to preclinical research techniques in self-service or fully performed as a service.

Access to these novel medical radionuclides and associated facilities will be granted on an excellence selection basis, by applying for access to radionuclides and to the complementary biomedical facilities. A selection panel consisting of experts in the fields of radionuclides production, molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy will select the best projects from the applicants.

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