Auger therapy and advances in medical oncology


The PRISMAP programme aims very broad in the efforts to bring forward new radionuclides for medical use. Some of these radionuclides are specifically aimed for very new methods in targeted radionuclide therapy (by either alpha or Auger electron emitters). The two public sessions on the the third day of the PRISMAP consortium meeting collects strategic talks about experience with both the alpha and the Auger emitters, and how they compete or supplement with each other. Additional, the Facility for Rare Ion Beams (FRIB) at MSU in USA has a medical radionuclide development programme that has an interestingly different approach to the target design for isotope online facilities. This will give other yield profiles and give access to potential medical radionuclides at present out of reach or production limited. The programme will be completed by a field report from DTU on the use of At-211 and culminate in an overview presentation on advances in medical oncology by Elisabeth de Vries (RUG).


Thursday, 1 June 2023
8.30 Virtual registration
Part 1: Auger therapy medical physics
Chairs: Mikael Jensen (DTU), Pil Fredericia (DTU), Zeynep Talip (PSI)
9.00 Calculation of the Auger Emitter dose kernels by Monte Carlo Methods Claus Andersen (DTU)
9.30 Auger therapy by Co-58m and Sb-119 Helge Thisgaard (OUH)
10.00 Drug delivery aspects of Auger Emitter and Alpha Emitter Therapy Andreas T. I. Jensen (DTU)
10.30 Short break
Production of novel radionuclides and advances in medical oncology
Chairs: Andreas T. I. Jensen (DTU), Mikael Jensen (DTU)
10.45 Medical radionuclide production plans at FRIB-USA Gregory Severin (FRIB and MSU)
11.30 The Copenhagen At-211 experience Holger Jensen (RH)
12.00 Medical oncology: innovations that may change the treatment landscape Elisabeth de Vries (RUG)
12.45 End of the meeting

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1 June 2023 | 9.00—12.45
Chaired by Mikael Jensen (DTU), Pil Fredericia (DTU), Zeynep Talip (PSI)

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