PRISMAP Radiolanthanides Workshop


The potential uses of radiolanthanides in nuclear medicine are drawing more and more attention. While Lutetium-177 is regarded as the “gold standard” in radionuclide/radioligand therapy, there is a strong consensus within the scientific community that radiolanthanides will play a crucial role in the theragnostic principles of nuclear medicine in the future.

One of the work packages of PRISMAP is dedicated to the development of radiolanthanides and has also emphasized the training of young researchers in the production and development of radiolanthanides. As part of the specified work package, a three-day workshop is planned to review the achievements of the last four years from production, preclinical, and clinical perspectives. The workshop will conclude with an overview panel to discuss future developments in this field. During the panel discussion, clinicians experienced in treating patients with radiolanthanides, such as terbium-161, will provide insights into their applications.

The PRISMAP Radiolanthanides Workshop will take place at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland, from September 3 to 5, 2024. The event is expected to attract delegates from partner institutes (Arronax/France, DTU/Denmark, SCK CEN/Belgium, NPL/England, INFN/Italy, MEDICIS/CERN, IST-ID/Portugal, KU-Leuven/Belgium, TUM/Germany, CHUV/Switzerland, and PSI/Switzerland) towards an intense and pragmatic discussion.

Provisional programme

Day 1: Target preparation, production, and chemical separation of radiolanthanides; poster session.
Day 2: Preclinical and clinical application of lanthanide radiopharmaceuticals; poster session; gala dinner.
Day 3: Panel discussion; visit to the PSI facilities.

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3-5 September 2024
Deadline: June 5, 2024