World cancer day


In honour of the World Cancer Day and aligned with the 2024 theme “Close the care gap” that celebrates cancer treatment progress in its many forms, PRISMAP is proud to host a special webinar.

This exclusive event will specifically spotlight the latest advancements in both preclinical and clinical cancer research within the PRISMAP consortium.

Join us as we celebrate progress, share insights and foster collaboration in the fight against cancer.


  • Dr Asta Juzeniene, "Exploring the efficacy of 212Pb, 225Ac and 177Lu targeted radionuclides for cancer therapy: In vitro and in vivo assessments
  • Koen Vermeulen "Exploring the potential of targeted radionuclide therapy with [153Sm]Sm-DOTA-TATE: a preclinical approach"
  • Clarita Saldarriaga Vargas "Computational models of mouse kidney tissues to investigate the influence of absorbed dose heterogeneity in nephrotoxicity in radiopharmaceutical therapy"


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Sarah Baatout, SCK CEN – Organizer and speaker

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Wiktoria Wojtaczka, KU Leuven – Co-moderator

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Asta Juzeniene, UiO – Speaker

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Koen Vermeulen, SCK CEN — Speaker

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Clarita Saldarriaga Vargas, SCK CEN — Speaker


5 February 2024
14.00–15.00 CET
Online event