Excellent review results

We have just received the reults of the recent PRISMAP review which covered the first 18 months of the project. The project was exceptionally well evaluated: 

"Considering the specific constrains related to isotopic radiopharmacology in terms of transport and logistics, the consortium has put a strong initial effort on this question and has even already tested the delivery of isotopes from a production site to a not-too-far centre involved in biomedical testing. The consortium has a very professional approach and has proved its capacity to address all pertinent questions (some deliverables are very impressive documents). It put the stress on communication and the website and portal for external users are of excellent quality, covering all necessary aspects in a very didactic way. Some interesting scientific results have already been produced. ... PRISMAP is collecting information from (potential) users and plans to adapt its offer to the expectations. This feed-back process appears very flexible and proves that the partners are really committed to reach PRISMAP objectives."

Congrats and big thanks to all who contributed! Many thanks also to the EC's review team for a very constructive and pleasant review day!