PhD Label — From producing radioisotopes to dosimetry

During my studies in nuclear physics, I learned all about the atomic nucleus. I was stumped when I learned how the nuclear structure could be described completely by quantum mechanical formalisms and how this naturally leads to radioactive decay as it was observed by M. Curie and her husband. Even more fascinating is the fact that this physical phenomenon eventually contributes to the treatment of cancer patients. However, the transition from a radionuclide into a medicinal product is not evident and requires large efforts and excellent collaborations between various disciplines. Until now, I had the opportunity to dig into two different aspects of radionuclide therapy. After studying the production of medical radioisotopes, I am currently investigating the tumour dosimetry of radionuclide therapy.

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The PRISMAP PhD Label – creating opportunities for young researchers

One of the main goals of PRISMAP is to create a sustainable, well-connected community of people working on all the aspects of medical isotopes from production and research to clinical applications. A key factor in making this community sustainable are the young researchers who are working on their PhD in the field. We are in the process of creating a PRISMAP PhD Label with the aim of establishing a quality label that will be recognised by higher education institutions in the field.

The PRISMAP Label will be awarded to PhD students who completed the requirements listed in the PRISMAP PhD Charter at the end of their PhD in recognition of their research achievements, transdisciplinary training, mobility and networking capacity, and breadth of professional and transferable skills. The PRISMAP PhD Label will thus become a recognisable label ensuring quality of training for the employer and employability for the students beyond their PhD. Get in touch if you think your higher education institution should be the first to sign on to the PRISMAP PhD Charter.

Additionally, as part of completing the requirements to obtaining the PRISMAP PhD Label and in order to create opportunities for students to network, candidates to the PRISMAP PhD Label will contribute short articles about their research or current events in the field to this newsletter. These contributions will form a community-run blog on the PRISMAP website where students can showcase their research. Click here to read the first contribution where Kaat Spoormans (SCK CEN/KU Leuven) is telling us about transitioning from radioisotope production research to modelling organ dosimetry with innovative isotopes.

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