Newsletter 1 — Editorial by Thierry Stora, PRISMAP Coordinator

Our first Newsletter is starting with the new year of the Tiger, and it is certainly no surprise to most of you as it also coincides with the anniversary for the discovery of isomers in radionuclides, without which the most frequent SPECT scans with 99m-Technetium performed across the globe would not be possible.

With the starting PRISMAP – The European medical radionuclide programme, we indeed hope new isomers will find their way into clinical research and practices. This is precisely the idea behind our consortium and this first Newsletter. We are aiming at reaching out to researchers spread across life sciences and their related technologies at large, in biomedical research and in nuclear medicine. European researchers – maybe you? – will be able to receive non-conventional radionuclides offered through our web portal, and potentially also benefit from your project directly developed in one of our associated biomedical platforms for preclinical and clinical studies.

The portfolio of radionuclides with special research grades offered by the federation of our large-scale facilities, is made available thanks to efforts of our colleagues in charge of developing the tools and the coordination of the consortium, Iris, Thomas, Clemens, Renata and many others. A particular highlight was the recent meeting of the consortium after the severe restrictions imposed to travels, that partially took place at CERN and in Geneva nearby in the now popular hybrid format. This allowed us to physically meet for the first time, exchange on the first milestones that were met, launch the first call for projects, receive feedback from our external advisors, and already project ourselves in the future.

You will find in this first Newsletter insights on institutes in charge of radionuclides delivery and of biomedical research, together with advanced data and developments of techniques required by PRISMAP services. And if you are undertaking graduate studies in a related field of nuclear and radiopharmaceutical science, please consider getting a dedicated PRISMAP label and get in touch with our training office as soon as possible!

Dear reader, enjoy this first PRISMAP Newsletter, don’t hesitate to distribute it further and provide us with feedback; and let this Year of the Tiger be a successful year for yourself and all of our colleagues!

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