Consortium meeting in Riga

The PRISMAP consortium meeting 3 was organized by the team from the University of Latvia (LU) and gathered 23 participants in Riga, Latvia on-site at LU Campus (Science building) and 49 participants on-line on June 13-16th, 2022.

This forum brought together existing PRISMAP consortium partners and advisors, as well as industrial partners for best strategies on how to build the united network of available and novel radionuclides/radiopharmaceuticals in Europe.

Four days of discussions included invited speakers from the UK, USA, Austria, and Spain who highlighted the importance of this initiative for the emerging infrastructures, clinical community, and patients.

The first call for innovative and collaborative projects applications was described as very successful with high interest during the public event (attended by more than 100 participants).

The industrial and clinical collaboration is evolving as shown by growing participation in the PRISMAP survey (see map) and more than 75% of respondents confirm the necessity of PRISMAP as the way to unite the radionuclide manufacturing, researcher and end user communities.

A public event was held to also exchange with our users, entitled PRISMAP grows up; the recording is available online. We presented some of the recent achievements of PRISMAP, especially concerning the training resources (detailed below), our first public results, and our online communication platforms.

We invited a few of the applicants from our first call to share their experience and present to all what their research entails, as much to inspire as to show the breadth of fields of research that can be covered within PRISMAP. We concluded the public event with a round table on how to target communities or regions that are not yet involved with PRISMAP. If you feel your colleagues could be interested, feel free to share this newsletter and invite them to join the user forum!

A session titled Science, opportunities without borders was dedicated to the networking importance and impact of global events on the availability of radionuclides, complemented by a discussion on recent efforts on how to ensure the security of supply of radioisotopes.

The social programme was organized by prof. Maija Radzina (radiologist, Latvia) and her team Edgards Mamis and Laura Saule, and included a visit to the Riga Cyclotron/PET centre – NUCLEO (18MeV). Each evening event was a delightful experience with variety of local cuisine and sightseeing opportunities, guided by local organizers, such as an Old Riga walking tour, seaside walk with early summer swimming event, and sunset in the Baltic Sea.

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