Engaging with YOU! Active participation of the User Forum

When establishing this User Forum, we first and foremost wanted to make sure that our main stakeholders – the user community – would be kept up to date with our calls, with our progress, and with our news. We reach out to you – hopefully not too frequently – to provide information about our calls, such as the ongoing call 3, or when special events are planned, like the public events at the occasion of the PRISMAP consortium meetings. We also publish this newsletter twice a year, to inform you broadly about what is going on behind the curtain.

We would also like to engage in a bilateral dialogue and provide you, our users with a voice. For this purpose, we have established the PRISMAP helpdesk to collect your feedback and questions. Communications through this channel mostly focus on questions related to ongoing applications, by teams preparing their file for our previous calls.

We also sent around last year a broad consultation in the form of a questionnaire. We would like to thank all those who took the time to provide us with input; outcomes of this survey have been compiled and can be found on the PRISMAP Outcomes page. Should you wish to express your views on the production of medical radionuclides, feel free to fill it yet as we continue to accept input in preparation for a publication on the findings of this survey.

We would also love to hear from you directly, learn what we could do to foster your research.

In order to get more direct feedback from the User Forum, we would like to formalise its structure and give you a way to shape PRISMAP and our communication. For that purpose, we propose three simple steps:

  • Nominating 2 to 3 representatives from the User Forum, to be the voice of the users and represent your interest in exchanging with PRISMAP.
  • A direct participation of the User Forum in the preparation of the public event, by involving the representatives in preparing the agenda and selecting the content.
  • An annual hybrid Town Hall, animated by the representatives, to bring the feedback from the users to the attention of PRISMAP.

Should you be interested to become one of the representatives, you may send your name and a short motivation in two lines to Thomas Cocolios (thomas.cocolios@kuleuven.be; PRISMAP Dissemination Manager) or to Charlotte Duchemin (charlotte.duchemin@cern.ch; Technical Manager).

If you have any question or suggestion, you are always welcome to reach out through our helpdesk or by contacting anyone whom you might know in PRISMAP. You may also find us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

PRISMAP newsletter features

The editorial content of our newsletter is available on this page.