An interview with Kirsten Leufgen from SCIPROM

Hi Kirsten! Many have seen you at one of our Public Events, but many still wonder: who are you and what does SCIPROM do?

Hello Thomas, thank you very much for inviting me to this interview! I am the Executive Director of SCIPROM. SCIPROM is a small company based near Lausanne, Switzerland. We provide management, dissemination and communication services and are also responsible for these tasks within PRISMAP.

So what is the state of PRISMAP today? How far along are we, literally and in practice?

The third year of PRISMAP is drawing to a close and we are beginning to harvest the results of the project while preparing for future developments.

There were quite a few projects funded through the last 4 calls. Is that much/within expectations/short?

Yes, indeed, already 32 projects have been selected for PRISMAP funding, with the involvement of biomedical facilities increasing over time. That fits in well with our planning.

How are the projects ongoing?

The first projects are now being finalised, while the last ones selected under Call 4 are now starting their activities and receiving their first deliveries after an initial phase of legal and ethical requirements.

When can we expect a next call?

We are currently reviewing previous services, implementing new services and planning a final call for proposals. We hope to launch this call in 2024.

What will happen after PRISMAP?

We hope to receive EC funding for a further four years and are currently preparing for this, including an extension of the current project to close the potential time gap between the two projects.

How can we stay informed?

Join the PRISMAP community and stay tuned via our website, LinkedIn and newsletters.

Thank you so much for your time!

Interview by Thomas Cocolios, Dissemination Manager

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