Open position for a research project leader on radiation induced health effects at SCK CEN (Mol, Belgium)

The radiobiology unit of SCK CEN, Mol, Belgium is looking for a research project leader to contribute to the research on the effects of radiation therapy on human health with a particular focus on the central nervous and cardiovascular systems. This project leader will participate in radiation-induced health research development of strategies to identify and implement (novel) sensitive technologies for assessing disease initiation and long-term health effects as well as (individual) responses to radiation therapy. 

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PRISMAP introductory video published today!

The PRISMAP introductory video has been published on youtube and vimeo today. 

Enjoy watching and share widely!

Happy International Women’s Day! For a diverse, equitable and inclusive world.

PRISMAP believes in gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. That is why 42% of the PRISMAP consortium is made up of women, and we have included the role of the Diversity Vanguard, as part of our Coordination Team, to ensure diversity and inclusion in our project.
We will continue to take action against stereotypes and discrimination. 

Happy International Women's Day!

Don't miss the PRISMAP Education Seminar "Standardisation and Harmonisation” on 8 February 2022, from 13h00 to 17h00 CET

This education seminar is organised by the PRISMAP standards and harmonisation group and will give insight in the many components needed to better understand translating novel non-conventional radionuclides into radiopharmaceuticals for clinical application.

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Thierry Stora, PRISMAP coordinator, will participate in the EURADOS webinar: Challenges and developments in the field of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, on Thursday 20 January 2022 at 15h30 CET. Don't miss it!

In 2020 EURADOS published an update of its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). The updated SRA contains 5 visions which cover the main fields in radiation dosimetry. For each vision challenges and subsequently more detailed research lines are defined. Vision 4: “Towards integrated personalized dosimetry in medical applications” covers the challenges of patient dosimetry in nuclear medicine focussing on both internal dosimetry for pre-clinical development and evaluation of radiopharmaceuticals emitting alpha, beta and auger radiation and implementation of internal dosimetry in clinical practice. Based on SRA vision 4, EURADOS Working Group 7 “internal dosimetry” composes a task group focussing on the development of a roadmap towards a dosimetry model for radionuclide therapy which should provide guidance on the role of EURADOS to address internal dosimetry for therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals. 

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We wish you all a happy holiday season and a good start to the year 2022!

New Capability Announcement — Idaho National Laboratory, Radioisotope ElectroMagnetic Isotope Separator

The Department of Energy Office of Isotope Research & Development and Production (DOE Isotope Program) has recently added a new capability into its isotope production network. The Radioisotope Electromagnetic Isotope Separator, or RAD EMIS, located in the Materials and Fuels Complex at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is now under the stewardship of the DOE Isotope Program. This unique instrument is able to enrich small quantities of rare or short-lived radioisotopes for use in research as radiotracers, national security exercises, and precision analytical measurements as internal standards. More information can be found in the Fall 2021 newsletter of DoE

First PRISMAP call for user projects now open!

We are very pleased to announce our first call for user projects. 

Our users are kindly invited to submit applications online at any time via the PRISMAP online submission service. Applications are reviewed twice a year.

The current cut-off date is 31 March 2022. Hearings with all user projects passing the eligibility threshold will take place on 16 May 2022.

The cut-off date of the following call is foreseen for 30 September 2022.

The project application consists of two parts:

Part A is completed through the application form below. It includes the request for radionuclides and application services, a project overview and administrative information.

Part B contains a description of the proposed scientific user project, to be uploaded below as a PDF fileI It will be submitted together with the application form.

For details, please refer to the Application guidelines.

A first for Switzerland: proton therapy to treat lung cancer

Today, PRISMAP partner Paul Scherrer institute (PSI) and the Radio-Oncology Centre of the Cantonal Hospitals of Aarau and Baden treated the first lung cancer patient with protons as part of an international prospective randomised clinical trial.

A 60-year-old patient suffering from lung cancer received proton beam therapy, a medical procedure where positively charged particles are precisely targeted at the tumour. This is the first time this type of radiotherapy has been used for lung cancer treatment in Switzerland. The 7-week course of treatment is part of an international clinical trial in which the PSI and cantonal hospitals in Aarau are taking part. The PSI already has a wealth of experience in proton therapy and has been successfully treating patients with tumours in the head and neck area, as well as the torso, since 1996. The purpose of the clinical trial is to explore another medical indication: inoperable lung tumours. Medics expect this much less aggressive but more precise form of radiotherapy will have fewer secondary effects on healthy lung tissue and the heart.

PRISMAP in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine

PRISMAP is in the November edition of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine with a review article on "Production and Supply of α-Particle–Emitting Radionuclides for Targeted α-Therapy". 

Enjoy reading!

Open job position

Two PRISMAP partners, KU Leuven and the JRC in Karlsruhe, are looking for a motivated PhD candidate to investigate the production of Ac-225 for medical applications.

PRISMAP consortium to fast-track nuclear medicine research

Sean Collins, from the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, discusses the goals of PRISMAP, the new European medical radionuclides programme in physicsworld

Prof Thomas Elias Cocolios receives the SCK CEN Chair Roger Van Geen - Lecture series.

Prof Thomas Elias Cocolios receives the SCK CEN Chair Roger Van Geen, the highest distinction in Belgium for nuclear physics research. He will present a lecture series on radioactive ion beams, their production, and use in fundamental and applied research, all leading to PRISMAP.

PRISMAP at the EANM21 pre-congress symposium

Today at the EANM21 pre-congress symposium, the project coordinator of PRISMAP, Dr Thierry Stora, will present the consortium and its objectives as well as the services and facilities available.

PRISMAP in the European Pharmaceutical Review

Learn about the challenges in the development of nuclear therapy and molecular imaging, and how PRISMAP is planning to address them, as explained by one of our partners, @NPL, in the European Pharmaceutical Review

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