EANM congress, join us at the PRISMAP booth!

Come and join us at the EANM congress (9-13 Sep 2023, Vienna). You can find us at booth No 23 in the Societies Village.

Join PRISMAP at the Auger-Symposium in Montpellier

PRISMAP will be part of the 10th international Auger symposium (Montpellier, 6-8 Sep 2023). 

Join us for the PRISMAP session taking place from 11.45-12.30 CET tomorrow, Thursday 7 Sep 2023. 

You'll learn about the

- “Production of Auger emitters in PRISMAP” by Mikael Jensen, Roskilde – Denmark
- “Evaluation of the therapeutic potential of 64CuCl2 in 3D models of glioblastoma” by Filipa Mendes, Lisboa – Portugal
- “Possibilities and options for production of Auger emitters in PRISMAP”. Thierry Stora, Geneva – Switzerland


PRISMAP call 4 now open!

PRISMAP's call 4 for user projects is now open for proposal submission! Deadline for submission to this call is 29 Sep 2023.

New for this call are two additional radionuclides, Pb-203 and Ra-224, available in our radionuclide portfolio.
Information about these radionuclides and ideas for their use you can find on the individual radionuclide sheets for Pb-203 and Ra-224

Proposal part B is now limited to 5 pages for Sections 1-3 instead of 10 pages for Sections 1-6.

We strongly recommend that all applicants get in contact with us via our help desk to discuss their user project idea. In fact, most successful PRISMAP user projects have gone this route, and we will be happy to support all our users with a personal PRISMAP mentor for their project application.

Remember that travel, subsistence, and local accommodation costs of users carrying out experiences in one of our medical facilities may be funded by PRISMAP.

Please share this information widely and invite your colleagues to submit proposals and join our user forum.

We are looking forward to your proposals and the ideas behind!

What is radioactivity? How do radiopharmaceuticals work?

You always wanted to know what radioactivity is? how radiopharmaceuticals work? Join us to hear how we can use radioactivity for medical applications!

Maarten Ooms, team leader of the Radiopharmaceutical Development Team within NURA at SCK CEN, focused on radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer, will give a talk about nuclear medicine aimed at a general audience tomorrow evening, 18 July 2023, at 19h30. 

The event is part of a summer school for high school student organised at KU Leuven called Summer of Science. The lecture is supported by PRISMAP.

Delivery of Terbium-155 by MEDICIS to the University of Bordeaux

Yesterday the PRISMAP facility MEDICIS at CERN delivered pure terbium-155 to Dr Clement Morgat from the Multimodal Translational Imaging division of INCIA at the University of Bordeaux, France. This terbium radioisotope will be used to calibrate their detectors and perform a first radiolabelling test. For more information about Dr. Morgat's PRISMAP user project on Zebrafish embryos as a novel model to evaluate the efficacy of short range emitters used for targeted radionuclide therapy, please refer to the project summary in PRISMAP's list of funded projects

Workshop “Optimizing Imaging and Dose-Response in RadiotherapieS”

The "Tumour Targeting, Imaging, Radiotherapies" network of the Cancéropôle Grand-Ouest is pleased to announce its 16th international workshop dedicated to young researchers (PhD students and post-docs), entitles“Optimizing Imaging and Dose-Response in RadiotherapieS” that will be held on October 4-7, 2023 in Erquy, France.

30 travel grant awards are available for the young selected researchers (PhD students and post-doctoral scientists).

Abstract submission and registration deadlines: June 26th, 2023.

To learn more about it visit: http://www.cgo-workshop-vecto.fr/

PRISMAP Summer School on radiopharmaceutical science

We would like to cordially invite you all to the PRISMAP Summer School on radiopharmaceutical science: from radiochemistry to preclinical studies (Lisbon, 11-14 Sep 2023).

For detailed information about the agenda, target audience, outcomes, practical arrangements and registration, please refer to the dedicated website.
The summer school is free of charge, but registration is mandatory.

To register for the course, please complete the online form with an application including contact details, CV and a short motivation letter (max. 200 words) by 30 June 2023.

Due to the practical nature of the course, a maximum number of 20 participants will be considered. After the registration period, the local organisers will select the participants who will be informed of their acceptance or non-acceptance to participate in the course by 7 July 2023.

We are looking forward to welcoming you there!


The 4th International Conference on Advances in Radioactive Isotope Science (ARIS) is held in France's beautiful city of Avignon from 4-9 June 2023.

PRISMAP is prominently presented: Our Sustainability Manager Ulli Köster is part of the organising committee and Technical Manager Charlotte Duchemein presents today "CERN-MEDICIS: a unique facility for the production of non-conventional radionuclides for medical research". Enjoy!

Thank you for joining us at the PRISMAP CM5 in Risø!

Thank you for being part of the PRISMAP consortium meeting 5 in Risø, both externally and as members. Thanks also to our local organizers at DTU! 

We spent 4 very pleasant days together with internal stocktaking and planning as well as a DTU lab visit, public presentations and discussions about the PRISMAP results so far, Auger therapy and interactions with our network. Especially exciting were the discussions on the involvement of the pharmaceutical industry and the collaboration beyond the PRISMAP project. We look forward to the next meeting of this kind in November in Lisbon!

PRISMAP Summer School on Radiolanthanides this week on DTU Risø Campus

This week the PRISMAP Summer School on Radiolanthanides is taking place on the DTU Risø Campus in Roskilde, Denmark.  This course targets participants who have an interest in radiolanthanide production and separation techniques and gathers participants from diverse backgrounds - PhD students, postdocs, junior scientists or technicians with a common interest in radiolanthanides for medical applications.

Latvian minister visiting PRISMAP at MEDICIS, CERN

CERN had distinguished visitors on 28 April 2023: The Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia, Ms Anda Čakša, visited CERN. 

She met with Latvian scientists, engineers, teachers and students at CERN, including Latvian PRISMAP PhD student Edgars Mamis, who is researching medical radionuclides at MEDICIS.

The delegation was introduced to novel medical radionuclide mass-separation and its potential in radiopharmaceutical development and research by MEDICIS project leader and PRISMAP coordinator Thierry Stora. Ms Čakša was enthusiastic about the work and the results achieved and expressed her support for the need for such research projects.

2 PRISMAP speakers today at the ISTR-2023

Today both Thierry Stora, PRISMAP coordinator from CERN and Nick van der Meulen from the PSI team are invited speakers at the ISTR-2023 session Production of Emerging Radioisotopes. They will present about two topics at the heart of the PRISMAP project: "The European Medical Radionuclides Programme: Opportunities to Foster Research with Radiopharmaceuticals in Europe and Beyond" and "The Production of Radionuclides Towards Theragnostics Application".

Today is the "Academia meets industry (PRISMAP experience)" @ ISTR 2023

PRISMAP members have arrived at the International Symposium on Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals, and are ready for the PRISMAP event "Academia meets industry - a PRISMAP experience" this afternoon. 

In this information session they will present our services for the production of radionuclides and their use in translational research hubs will be presented. Our goal is to assist users from the industrial and clinical communities in applying for our PRISMAP services and show potential applications and success stories.

Open PhD thesis position at ARRONAX

A PhD position is open at ARRONAX

titre : Fabrication et caractérisation des cibles de Gd pour la production des radionucléides du terbium pour la médecine nucléaire
(Manufacturing and characterisation of Gd targets for the production of terbium radionuclides for nuclear medicine)

Position description.

To apply, select LABORATOIRE DE PHYSIQUE SUBATOMIQUE ET DES TECHNOLOGIES ASSOCIEES / 3, where you'll find the position listed in third position.

PRISMAP at the ISTR-2023

Next week, in addition to our "Academia meets industry (PRISMAP experience)” event at the ISTR-2023, one will have the possibility to follow the presentations of several PRISMAP guest speakers: Nick van der Meulen (PSI), Thierry Stora (CERN). 

Full program of the ISTR-2023

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