Hevesy Laboratory

Radiochemical GMP manufacturing and preclinical validation of radiopharmaceuticals with new radionuclides

Biomedical services

DTU Health Tech is a department of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) located with its Hevesy Lab division on DTU Risø Campus (40 km W of Copenhagen). The mission of DTU Health Tech is to create technology to improve health and well-being for humans. DTU Health Tech has a strong tradition of transferring research results into numerous products and services used by industry, hospitals, public authorities, other research institutions and media. The Hevesy Lab is one of the four divisions of DTU Health Tech. It has a strong tradition in radionuclide production and nuclear technologies, with two cyclotrons, routine production of radiopharmaceuticals under GMP and a range of research projects in the biomedical use of novel radionuclides. The research ranges from accelerator target development to microdosimetry of emerging Auger emitting therapeutic nuclides.

Based on a unique facility and specialised knowledge on a variety of nuclear technologies, the Hevesy Lab offers products and services to other institutes and centres at DTU, as well as other universities, research institutes, hospitals, public authorities and private companies. The Hevesy Laboratory has a mission to:

  • Carry out research, development and production of radioactive drugs for diagnostics and treatment.
  • Produce radioactive isotopes for use in research and with applications in industry and medicine.
  • Research and development in isotope production technology.

The laboratory is a fully qualified and validated manufacturing site with GMP compliant manufacturing authorisations (including IMPD manufacture).

Experiments available

Support for targeting agent and chelator development
Support for radiolabelling strategy and instrumentation for quality controls
Preclinical studies
Chemical and radiochemical characterisation of the tracers selected
In vitro characterisation
  • Radiotoxicity and dosimetry study
In vivo characterisation
Guidance to write regulatory documents to apply for clinical studies

For an in depth review, please refer to the following publications:

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