Nuclear medecine

Non-conventional radionuclides in personalised medicine

by Thierry Stora, CERN

From research to patient care – Challenges and prospects

by Thomas Cocolios

As part of the 2021 lecture series in the framework of the 'Chair Roger Van Geen' Thomas Cocolios talks about the challenges and prospects of getting radioiosotopes to the clinic and using them to treat patients.  The lecture covers the rules and regulations for packaging and transporting radioactive material across Europe (5:18 - 37:55), radiochemistry to separate the radioisotope from the substrate so it can be used for downstream applications (37:55 - 53:47) and licensing of new radioisotopes (53:47 - 1:01:11). It finishes by illustrating the challenges faced by researchers in producing radioisotopes that are usable in the clinic based on the example of 225Ac (1:01:20 - end).

Lecture slides for 'From research to patient care – Challenges and prospects'

Radiotheranostics search tool
by the Oncidium foundation

The Oncidium foundation focuses on raising awareness about radiotheranostics as alternatives for cancer care and providing support to accelerate global access. As part of their mission, they have created a list of radiotheranostics that you can filter for target mechanism, radionuclide, ligand/carrier, indication, clinical approval status and radiation type. 

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