Translational research

Translational Research with emerging radionuclides


This video describes the overarching process of radiopharmaceutical research, starting from the fundamental understanding of cancer towards the discovery, development and production of radiopharmacueticals. It displays the steps needed in search for the ideal radiopharmaceutical, including the preclinical research in disciplines such as radiobiology, dosimetry and radiochemistry. Various in vivo and in vitro tests are mentioned, as well as the necessary attention to safety, good laboratory practice, quality control and standardization. In terms of production of radiopharmaceuticals, both reactor-based and accelerator-based production are mentioned (as well as specific emphasis on mass separation and purification). The video will provide insight into the complexity and multidisciplinarity of the translational research into radiopharmaceuticals.

Expanding the reach of nuclear medicine with ISOL radioisotopes

by Thomas Cocolios 

As part of the 2021 lecture series in the framework of the 'Chair Roger Van Geen' Thomas Cocolios talks about how the radioisotopes generated by the isotope separation online (ISOL) technique present novel opportunities for nuclear medicine. The lecture covers the basics of nuclear medicine, covering different molecular imaging techniques as well as Targeted RadioNuclide Therapy (TRNT) (3:47 - 29:02), it then explains theranostics and illustrates its opportunities with novel radioisotopes through the example of Terbium (29:02 - 1:05:45). The last part covers how the ISOL technique is used to produce novel radioisotopes in Europe to expand the theranostics market in CERN MEDICIS, Tb-IRMA-V and PRISMAP (1:05:49 - end).

Lecture slides for 'Expanding the reach of nuclear medicine with ISOL (isotope separation online) radioisotopes'

From research to patient care – Challenges and prospects

by Thomas Cocolios 

As part of the 2021 lecture series in the framework of the 'Chair Roger Van Geen' Thomas Cocolios talks about the challenges and prospects of getting radioiosotopes to the clinic and using them to treat patients.  The lecture covers the rules and regulations for packaging and transporting radioactive material across Europe (5:18 - 37:55), radiochemistry to separate the radioisotope from the substrate so it can be used for downstream applications (37:55 - 53:47) and licensing of new radioisotopes (53:47 - 1:01:11). It finishes by illustrating the challenges faced by researchers in producing radioisotopes that are usable in the clinic based on the example of 225Ac (1:01:20 - end).

Lecture slides for 'From research to patient care – Challenges and prospects'

Development of Theranostic Radiopharmaceuticals

by Eleni Gourni

This video was part of a PRISMAP workshop held in February 2022. In it Eleni Gourni explains the steps involved in getting radionuclides ready for treating patients and the different types of radiopharmaceuticals. She explains what radiopharmaceuticals are and goes over the different steps in preclinical research: Identifying targets and developing ligands, radiolabeling and in vitro and in vivo testing. She explains how nuclear imaging works and how radiopharmaceuticals have great potential for personalised therapy. She gives a detailed overview of how theranostics work and how they are developed, highlighting the challenges as well as promising studies.

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