Radionuclides production

Principles of radioisotope production with ISOL techniques, materials and ion sources

by Sebastian Rothe, CERN

From target to tumour

by KU Leuven

This video takes you step by step through the process of the production of radionuclides via mass separation. It covers the basis of the proton beam and target used to produce radioisotopes, as well as the ion source, lasers and separator magnet used to filter out a radioisotope of interest, based on the ISOL (isotope separation online) technique, it finishes with a quick outlook of how these radioisotopes can be used to treat tumours.

Basics of radioactive ion beam production

by Thomas Cocolios 

As part of the 2021 lecture series in the framework of the 'Chair Roger Van Geen' Thomas Cocolios gives an introduction to nuclear reactions and explains how these can be used for the production of radioactive ion beams. The lecture covers the different types of nuclear reactions including examples of nuclear reactions involving specific elements (1:30 - 39:44), it goes on to explain what luminosity and cross-section mean in nuclear reactions (40:14 - 50:43). The last part of the lecture covers specific examples of how the different nuclear reactions are used at the industrial level (51:00 - 58:47), to produce 100Sn (58:47 - 1:09:36) and superheavy elements (1:09:36 - end).

Lecture slides for 'Basics of radioactive ion beam production'

State of the art in the isotope separation online (ISOL) technique

by Thomas Cocolios

As part of the 2021 lecture series in the framework of the 'Chair Roger Van Geen' Thomas Cocolios talks about the isotope separation online (ISOL) technique. The lecture covers different target materials (5:39 - 38:56), ion sources and ionisation mechanisms (39:11 - 1:09:44). The last part covers beam manipulation including time structure, mass separation and isotope release efficiencies (1:09:44 - 1:26:08).

Lecture slides for 'State of the art in the isotope separation online (ISOL) technique'


by Thierry Stora

This video was part of a PRISMAP workshop held in February 2022. In it Thierry Stora gives an introduction to the PRISMAP project and the complex task of researching innovative radionuclides. He explains the rationale and necessity for creating a European Consortium to connect all the players in radionuclide therapy in Europe, outlines the aims of PRISMAP according to the needs of the community, explains how PRISMAP is well placed to fulfill these needs as the consortium includes institutions involved in production, research into and medical application of radionuclides. He also gives an introduction to theranostics and explains how PRISMAP will help furthering theranostics research.

Novel radionuclides and their production

by Mikael Jensen and Ferid Haddad

This video was part of a PRISMAP workshop held in February 2022. In it Mikael Jensen and Ferid Haddad explain what innovative radionuclides are and how they can be produced. They give an overview of the history of radioactivity in medicine, they cover the different types of radionuclides that can be used for different medical application in detail as well as the different methods of obtaining them.

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