Radionuclides production

ARRONAX operates the world-wide only C70XP cyclotron, a high-intensity multi-particle cyclotron that supplies proton beams up to 70 MeV and 350 μA as well as deuteron beams up to 35 MeV and ɑ particle beams of 68 MeV. Appropriate targetry and radiochemical separation is developed in-house. As one of few facilities worldwide, ARRONAX holds an FDA certification for Sr-82 as an active pharmaceutical ingredient.

ARRONAX is the only European producer of Sr-82 and the leading producer of Cu-64 and At-211 in France. Cu-64 is supplied in GMP quality for clinical trials.

As Day-1 radionuclides, ARRONAX can provide Cu-64 as Cu-64Cl2 or Cu-64-ATSM in GMP quality approved for human use. Further, Sc-44, Cu-67 and At-211 can be supplied for chemistry studies or preclinical experiments respectively (depending on required activities).