JRC Karlsruhe

Radionuclides production

The Targeted Alpha Therapy group that is part of the Advanced Nuclear Knowledge Unit of JRC-Karlsruhe has a stock of Th-229 from which it regularly extracts Ra-225, ultimately providing Ac-225 free of Ac-227 contamination. At present, JRC is the only producer of Ac-225 in the EU.

JRC provides Ac-225 or Ac-225/Bi-213 generators respectively under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) quality. There are used for preclinical experiments and clinical trials. Ac-225 is either directly labelled to biomolecules such as Ac-225-DOTA-PSMA617 against metastasized prostate cancer or Ac-225-DOTA-SubstanceP against glioblastoma, or serves as generator of the short-lived daughter radionuclide Bi-213 which is then labelled and injected, e. g. as Bi-213-DOTA-SubstanceP against glioblastoma or Bi-213-DTPA-cetuximab against various cancer types.

JRC will make available Ac-225 or Ac-225/Bi-213 generators as “day-1 radionuclides”.