Hevesy Laboratory

Radionuclides production

The Hevesy Laboratory is part of the DTU located on the Risø campus. It operates two GE cyclotrons on site: a PETtrace providing proton beams up to 16.5 MeV and 8.4 MeV deuterons and a prototype GENtrace giving 7.8 MeV protons. Radiochemical processing and radiopharmaceutical labelling are performed in dedicated hot cells and clean rooms. Besides routine production of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) radiopharmaceuticals, research is performed on novel radionuclides ranging from development of cyclotron targetry to dosimetric characterisation. The DTU group is well known for the development of novel radiometals, and in particular of Auger emitters such as Co-58m, Sb-119 or La-135. These radionuclides are used in-house at DTU, or via bilateral collaborations by Danish and international researchers.

DTU can produce and provide Cu-64 and Cu-67. The Cu-64 is available in GMP quality approved for human use. Also Mn-52, Pd-103, Ag-111, La-135, Er-165 and Au-199 are made or research and preclinical work. The reactor produced radionuclides Pd-103, Ag-111 and Au-199 are made in collaboration with our PRISMAP partner ILL and supply will be dependent on reactor schedules.