Radionuclides production

NCBJ is the largest research institute in Poland. It operates the nuclear research reactor MARIA that provides neutron irradiations in a flux up to 3·1014, and a C30 cyclotron with proton beams up to 28.4 MeV. A new multiparticle cyclotron 30XP is under construction that will provide from end of 2022 more intense proton beams up to 30 MeV and in addition intense beams of deuterons and alpha particles. Until then, additional cyclotron irradiations are performed at the partner HIL Univ. of Warsaw (GE PetTrace and K=160 cyclotron). The Radioisotope Centre POLATOM performs radiochemical separations and radiopharmaceutical labelling in GMP-certified laboratories and the accredited (accreditation no. AP 120) Laboratory of Radioactivity Standards performs quantitative radioactivity measurements of alpha, beta and gamma emitters by absolute methods.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: POLATOM produces established radionuclides for commercial purposes and develops and produces novel radionuclides for in-house researchers from NCBJ as well as Polish and international researchers via bilateral collaborations.

As PRISMAP “day-1 radionuclides”, NCBJ will provide cyclotron-produced Cu-64 as well as reactor-produced Sc-47, Tb-161 and other reactor-produced radionuclides, to be complemented with Sc-43, Sc-44, At-211, etc. after commissioning of the new 30XP cyclotron. These radionuclides are of research-grade.

Otwock-Świerk, Poland