Radionuclides production

NCBJ is the largest research institute in Poland. It operates the nuclear research reactor MARIA that provides neutron irradiations in a flux up to 3·1014, and a C30 cyclotron with proton beams up to 28.4 MeV. A new multiparticle cyclotron 30XP is under construction that will provide from end of 2022 more intense proton beams up to 30 MeV and in addition intense beams of deuterons and ɑ particles. Until then, additional cyclotron irradiations are performed at the partner HIL Univ. of Warsaw (GE PetTrace and K=160 cyclotron). The Radioisotope Centre POLATOM performs radiochemical separations and radiopharmaceutical labelling in GMP-certified laboratories and the accredited (accreditation no. AP 120) Laboratory of Radioactivity Standards performs quantitative radioactivity measurements of ɑ, β and γ emitters by absolute methods.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: POLATOM produces established radionuclides for commercial purposes and develops and produces novel radionuclides for in-house researchers from NCBJ as well as Polish and international researchers via bilateral collaborations.

As PRISMAP “day-1 radionuclides”, NCBJ will provide cyclotron-produced Cu-64 as well as reactor-produced Sc-47, Tb-161 and other reactor-produced radionuclides, to be complemented with Sc-43, Sc-44, At-211, etc. after commissioning of the new 30XP cyclotron. These radionuclides are of research-grade.

Otwock-Świerk, Poland