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Radionuclides production

SCK CEN operates the BR2 high-flux reactor, which is the main European producer of medical radionuclides and key member of the worldwide production network of Mo-99 and other radionuclides. Irradiation capacities with neutron flux up to 4·1014 n.cm-2s-1 can be loaded and unloaded during reactor operation, i. e. enabling free choice of irradiation duration, and up to 1·1015 n.cm-2s-1 neutron-flux is available in the pressure vessel for irradiations of 3 to 4 weeks duration. BR2 performs irradiations for commercial radionuclide suppliers and produces novel radionuclides for in-house researchers from SCK CEN as well as for Belgian and international researchers via bilateral collaborations.

Within PRISMAP BR2 will perform high-flux neutron irradiations to generate radionuclides of relatively high specific activity, e. g. Sc-47, Sm-153, Tb-161, Er-169, etc. The irradiated samples will be shipped to other WP2-TNA2 facilities for radiochemical separation or mass separation, respectively.