Radionuclides production

SCK CEN operates the BR2 high-flux reactor, which is the main European producer of medical radionuclides and key member of the worldwide production network of Mo-99 and other radionuclides. Irradiation capacities with neutron flux up to 4·1014 can be loaded and unloaded during reactor operation, i. e. enabling free choice of irradiation duration, and up to 1·1015 neutron-flux is available in the pressure vessel for irradiations of 3 to 4 weeks duration. BR2 performs irradiations for commercial radionuclide suppliers and produces novel radionuclides for in-house researchers from SCK CEN as well as for Belgian and international researchers via bilateral collaborations.

Within PRISMAP BR2 will perform high-flux neutron irradiations to generate radionuclides of relatively high specific activity, e. g. Sc-47, Sm-153, Tb-161, Er-169, etc. The irradiated samples will be shipped to other WP2-TNA2 facilities for radiochemical separation or mass separation, respectively.