Ag 111
7.45 d
β- 1.0
γ 342, 245...

Chemical properties

Ag-111 is usually in monovalent state. Different cyclen based chelators have been reported .

Nuclear properties

Ag-111 decays by beta-minus emission with a half-life of 7.45 days to stable Cd-111. It emits a medium energy beta spectrum with 350 keV average energy and 1037 keV maximum energy, similar to e.g. Re-186.

Moreover Ag-111 emits gamma-rays at 342.1 keV (6.7%) making it SPECT-imageable with high-energy collimators.

The mean electron energy emitted per decay is 350 keV, the mean photon energy per decay is 26 keV .


Ag-111 is produced indirectly by thermal neutron irradiation of enriched Pd-110 targets in the research reactors of the PRISMAP network: RHF at ILL, BR2 at SCK CEN or MARIA at NCBJ. The short-lived Pd-111 produced upon neutron capture on Pd-110 decays quickly (T1/2=23.4 min) to Ag-111 via beta-minus decay. A radiochemical Ag/Pd separation via ion exchange chromatography leads to n.c.a. Ag-111.


Radiochemical separations are performed at the PRISMAP facility Hevesy Laboratory (DTU, Risø, Denmark). Activity will be shipped from there to the users in form of Ag+ solution.

Examples of use

  • Ag-111 labelled hydroxyapatite particles have been studied preclinically for radiosynovectomy .
  • An Ag-111 labelled carbene complex has been studied preclinically for biodistribution studies of silver-based antimicrobials .
  • Different methods have been studied to link Ag-111 to antibodies .
  • Ag-111 is suited for perturbed angular correlation studies, a highly sensitive technique to characterize the chemical state and chemical environment of silver bound in molecules .

Purity grades available


No carrier added (n.c.a.)

Half-life7.45 d
DaughterStable Cd-111
Branching Ratio/Decay100% β-
PurificationIon exchange chromatography
Chemical FormAg+ ion in water or weak (<0.1 M) HCl solution (1-2 ml)
Specific Activityt.b.d.
Radionuclidic Purity>99%
Radiochemical Purityt.b.d.
Chemical PurityMetal impurities determined by ICP-OES for each batch
Identification342.1 keV and 245.4 keV gamma lines present
AppearanceClear colourless solution
Activity available~1 GBq (more to be discussed)
AvailabilityFew times per year (planning in advance)
GradePreclinical grade, n.c.a.
Other informationBioburden and endotoxin burden can be analysed post release, upon request.


  • β-therapy

Point of supply

  • Risø, Denmark

Involved production facilities

SCK CEN, Belgium
ILL, France
NCBJ, Poland
DTU, Denmark