Cu 67
61.8 h
β- 0.4, 0.6
γ 1852, 93, 91...

Chemical properties

In solution Cu-67 is usually in divalent state. It can be radiolabelled with macrocyclic chelators. DOTA is being used, but other, specific copper chelators such as MeCOSar may provide improved stability.

Nuclear properties

Cu-67 decays by beta-minus emission with a half-life of 2.576(5) days to stable Zn-67. It emits a low energy beta spectrum with 145 keV average energy and 561 keV maximum energy based on branching ratios measured in . In addition to beta-minus emission it also emits low energy conversion and Auger electrons , thus emitting in total about 1.2 electrons (with energies above 7 keV) per decay.

Moreover, Cu-67 emits gamma-rays at 184.6 keV (44.2%) and 91.3 / 93.3 keV (together 21.1%) which are suitable for SPECT imaging.

The mean electron energy emitted per decay is 148 keV, the mean photon energy per decay is 101 keV .


Cu-67 is produced by deuteron irradiation of enriched Zn-70 targets at the cyclotron ARRONAX .


The radiochemical separation is performed at ARRONAX (Nantes, France) and activity will be shipped from there to the users in form of CuCl2 solution.

Examples of use

  • Cu-67 forms a theranostic pair together with Cu-64.
  • Medium energy collimators are recommended for SPECT imaging with Cu-67 .
  • Clinical trials with Cu-67-radioimmunotherapy have been performed in the past.
  • Clinical trials with Cu-67-peptide receptor radionuclide therapy and Cu-67-PSMA radioligand therapy are ongoing.

Purity grades available


No carrier added (n.c.a.)

Half-life61.8 h
DaughterStable Zn-67
Branching Ratio/Decay100% β-
Purification2 steps column separation
Chemical FormIn 0.1 M HCl
Specific ActivityNot yet defined, (measured by ICP-OES)
Radionuclidic PurityNot yet defined
Radiochemical PurityNot yet defined, (measured by ICP-OES)
Identification184.6 keV gamma line present
AppearanceClear and colourless solution
pHNot Applicable
Activity available1 GBq
AvailabilityOn demand (planning in advance), starting September 2022
Gradepreclinical, n.c.a.


  • β-therapy

Point of supply

  • Nantes, France

Involved production facilities